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After church on Sunday morning, Tony and I came home and did a little kitchen time together.  It was rather fun both working on our own little bits of goodness.  Tony made hot pepper sauce since we have a bumper crop this year.  We use around a tablespoon in a lot of Mexican dishes.  Good tip…when you have a whole jar of something that may go bad once you open it, freeze spoon fulls on a cookie tray or in an ice tray.  When you need your spoonful, you have individual sizes frozen for easy use. 

While he was doing this, I was making tomatoe sauce to freeze for the next year.  I make kind of an all purpose sauce so that I can make it into different things when I have a meal in mind.  I use it mostly for spaghetti and pizza sauce.  It is thinner when I freeze it so I almost always add a little can of tomatoe paste when I am cooking it.

Later in the afternoon, I called Grandma Barlow to see if she wanted to teach me how to make refrigerator pickles.  I think it is so cool to learn things from our grandparents…such a wealth of information that could too easily not be passed along to us young folk. 

Yay for pickles!  Got to love them in the tuna sandwiches. 


In other news…tried to start a reupholstering project…that was a mistake.