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Tony and I really do not like to eat out…well, actually we enjoy eating out, but do not like to part with our hard earned money.  Thus, we have to get a little creative with our meals.  Tonight we made homemade raviolis filled with sweet potato, bacon, cheese, and basil.  Ja…it was good!  Fresh pasta is one of the easiest things to make–I totally recommend giving it a try.  Plus you will totally impress your special someone.  Here’s a super easy recipe from one of our favorite chefs, Jamie Oliver

Fresh Pasta:

Mix 2 cups flour and 3 eggs.  Knead until elastic and shiny

That’s it!!!  You can use a pasta maker or just roll the dough out very thin and cut it up any way you’d like it.  One thing to remember is fresh pasta does not take near the boil time so don’t walk away or you will overcook it. 


After a wonderful supper, Dakota, our one year old yellow lab, and I went to Tony’s baseball game.  It was a great night for baseball.  A quilt, a book, and the hound.  I’m one happy girl.  Oh, and of course my man in tight baseball pants!