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The other day as I was running errands with a screaming child in the backseat, when I got a phone call.  I was tempted to answer, but decided that with running my own business, it was not very professional to have such lovely background noise.  Good thing I didn’t.  Janna Farley from the Argus Leader, left a message about how she was writing an article for the newspaper on the resurgence of handmade/do-it-yourself kinds of things.  She wondered if she could get my thoughts.   It made me smile.  (even whilst that snotty nosed child in the backseat continued to serenade me.)  That afternoon during nap {{peace and quiet at last–Alleluia!}} I gave Janna a buzz back and we had a nice chat.  My kind of chat.  Here’s the article she put together.  “It’s a Craftier Time.”  I thought the spin on the recession having an impact was interesting–it makes sense.  Anyways, I don’t care why people are interested in handmade, but I LOVE it!!  Thanks for writing this Janna!


Here’s the article again, if you missed it above.  “It’s a Craftier Time.”