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After the kids were in bed last night, I had to get some venison that was thawed ground up.  I was chopping away at silver skin when I thought you might be curious to see how I do this.  Or not.  I decided to ignore the fact that I was in my PJs, glasses on, not a lick of make-up, and untouched hair for 36 hours.  Wow, that sounds terrible!  All well.  I’m pretty laid back around here.   Here’s the short little video I did with the thoughts listed below the video.  Enjoy!


Grinding Venison from Ingrid Barlow on Vimeo.


–If you want to use venison, but struggle with the flavor (FYI:  that taste is MEAT!) try foods that have a lot of added spices to the meat.  Tacos.  Spaghetti.

–Venison is wonderfully lean!  We don’t add extra fat to it when we grind it, because why take something naturally healthy and make it bad for you??  Last time I checked, we didn’t need to add any more fat to our diet.

–You don’t need to cook the heck out of venison.  I think that is what happens a lot so it gets a bad rap.  When we make steaks they are medium for me and medium-rare for Tony.  It is melt-in-your-mouth TENDER.

–Really clean that meat up as best you can.  Any extra silver skin/fat/connective tissue–get it off before you grind!

–We make steaks, roasts, and ground from our deer.  One deer usually lasts us one year.

–Encourage the hunters in your family to provide meat for the family.  If they are paying for a license anyways, you might as well get your moneys worth.  Plus, it makes them feel good to have you excited about something they enjoy to do.