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I’m back to life!  Vacation was fabulous–a true vacation! 

Here’s the lake through the eyes of a spider.  Some of my favorite moments were in the morning as fog and dew rose up through the trees and across the water. 

Spending time with my family was priceless.  Tony fished pretty much the entire time.  I visited 3 quilt shops. 


When I returned to reality I came down with something not so lovely.  Spent a night on the bathroom floor and then decided that Tony should take me into the ER.  They never really figured out what it was, but boy did they make me feel good.  I’m not such a fan of drugs but…they made me a much happier girl.  Now I’m dreading the ER bill. 


Today involves catching up on some quilt projects and doing a little tomatoe sauce freezing.  It’s starting to feel like fall and that means the freezer needs stocking for the next year.


Sunday Blessings to you!