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We finally made it home from the hospital after a little fight with jaundice.  Elias is doing well now but he had to spend some quality time under lights at the hospital as well as at home.

We survived the first night…although it was a bit rough.  Upon arriving home Elias was very hungry, I was about ready to burst with milk, Dakota had destroyed a pair of Tony’s favorite mittens, Dakota also ate an entire box of her heartworm medication…Tony jumps on the phone to call the vet, Elias goes through 4 diapers in 10 minutes, and Tony and I are just plain stressed with having the responsibility of a new person to care for.  Where are the grandparents??!!  Thankfully Grandma Dixon comes on Monday for a week and Grandma Barlow sent tons of food our way which made me cry.  Yes changes…wonderful and emotional.

Yesterday during nap time, I whipped up this “Boobie Buffer” with this pattern.

This allows you to see your baby as you breastfeed while staying decent in the presence of others.  (The top has some stiff plastic in it that pops out the fabric so you can look down the neck.)