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After a wonderful extended stay with our families for the holidays, we are BACK!  Good to go, but nice to be home too.  As I tell the boys when we pull into the driveway, “Home again, home again, Jiggity Jig!”  Here are some snapshots of our Christmas.  (I pulled pictures from cameras, Facebook, Instagram, iPhones…aka…sorry about the lack of formatting!)


Espen says “cheese” during our little family celebration.



We did a lot of this!


It was so worth it though to see this.


And to eat this.  Elias says “COOOOOKIE!!” and then devours it like Cookie Monster.  Thanks Sesame Street.



Elias also loved cranking the radio and giving the girls a ride.  Oh boy.  I hope this is not a sign of my future!!















We did a little of this.  It was wonderful!  Something I’d like to do more of.


An eager learner and a proud papa.













Here’s to the new year!   I’ll show you some of my handmade Christmas tomorrow.