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A couple days ago, Tony asked me why we didn’t grow fresh herbs inside since we love using them in our cooking.  Good question.  I went down to check out my seed stash, and sure enough I had herb seeds.  Lots of herb seeds.  Like seeds from 2002.  I know I should probably throw them away, but I just can’t.  What if there is still life in those tiny little seeds and I take their sole purpose in life away by never giving them the chance to sprout??  So they remain.

A fun and quick project when you have all the supplies on hand.  Now the waiting begins.  14-21 days before sprouting.  Ahhh…patience.  I’m not very good at that.

I planted:






And here’s a picture Tony snapped last night of me in my new birthday shirt from him.  20 weeks!  I figure I have about 10 more weeks before I am so big that I can only sit and knit.  🙂