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I said I was going to make them, and I soooo did!  The hard rolls turned out wonderful!  Crusty on the outside and chewy softness on the inside.  It was rather a long haul in the making.  I started them at 8pm last night and we didn’t bite into them until 2:30pm today.  Lots of just waiting time, but a process.


I made the dough last night…let it sit for an hour…and then put it in the fridge to sit overnight.  Here they are rising in the morning after I shaped them.


The smell of yeasty bread permeated the house all day.  Here is our bowl of homemade tastiness.


If you are thinking about giving this recipe a try, here are some additional thoughts.  I think there is an error in the recipe with the salt–I used 1 1/2 Tablespoons of salt instead of 3.  The rolls are also plenty big…I would probably make them a bit smaller next time.