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I was asked to put together a baby gift for a little girl and this is what I came up with.

It is a little blanket, an organic onesie, and a rattle.  I made the blanket yesterday and I absolutely love it!  It is this wonderful material with suede on one side and soft sheep like stuff on the other.  I also appliqued a sweet “A” in honor of her name.  The size is 18″x18″.

I put some silk binding around the edge, because what child does not like the feeling of silk between their fingers.  Working with silk is a beast, so I highly recommend using the pre-made silk binding.  You will pay a bit more but it is totally worth it!!  Of course I could not decide on what color of silk to get so I ended up buying 3 packs (ivory, pink, and brown) when I only needed one.

And of course I had to make a practice blanket for Elias before I did the gift blanket.

I love how the stitching came through on the sheep side.

Elias likes it too.

I love it when an idea pulls through with flying colors!