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I had fun putting together a shower gift for a friend over the last couple of days.  I hope everyone likes handmade as much as I do!!!  The first thing I made were a couple of bibs using the gift that Heather sent me as a template.   I used freezer paper to make the template, used a fun fabric and terry cloth, sewed it right sides together, turned it right sides out, and did a finishing stitch around the outside.  Iron on velcro is used as the closure.


Next I made a couple of burp clothes using the terry cloth on the back as well.  Very easy–cut the size you want, sew right sides together, turn right sides out, and stitch around the outside.


The last thing I made was a couple of onesies.  Tony wanted an owl and I decided a mushroom would go well with that.  First, I drew my picture on fusible web.


Then once you have your pieces cut out, you iron them down.  Next you stitch around them with your sewing machine (you could also do this by hand).


And ta-da!  You have some darling custom onesies.


If you’d rather not make your own, let me know and we can set a custom order up for you.  Shop Ingrid Barlow.