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I’ve been doing some making down in my sewing room and it’s making me excited for Christmas. In fact, I have decided that if I just can’t stand it, I will pull out Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving. {GASP!} This would be against all household tradition but there is such a short time this year between holidays and children make things so exciting. I haven’t given in yet, but if temptation is unbearable someday I am giving myself permission.
So here’s what I’ve been making…
Advent Bags. I ordered some 5×7 muslin bags off Amazon…I actually was making my own bags but abandoned it when I had the boutique deadline… Then I stamped them with a set from Stamp’in Up. My thought with these is to hang them on twine from our fireplace and have the boys open 1 bag each day. I will have special surprises that include little food treats, Bible verses, actions for the day, activities, word of the day, small toys or reminders of the season…
Bunting. I can’t get enough bunting! I save the bunting around my house for birthday celebrations. They are so colorful and festive. I’m not sure one can go wrong with bunting.
Rice Bags. These have been around for a long time, but as the weather gets cooler and muscles need relaxing, I find myself often reaching for one. You pop them in the microwave for 1-2 minutes…add a couple drops of essential oil if needed, and settle in a good chair. Or bed! The boys LOVE taking their “Bed Buddies” to bed with them. It in fact makes going to bed rather easy. (Let’s hope that lasts!)
adult rice
I forgot to snap a good picture of the “Bed Buddies” but you can catch a glimpse of the owl and elephant next to all the head wraps. I also made foxes and monsters.
owl rice
Next up on the making table is some pillowcases for the wee ones and shirts. Handmade Christmas, here we come!