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I have been spending way too much time with the hot water bottle lately. Oh we have been hit hard. That is one of the lovely benefits to homeschool though. Sick days are whatever you want them to be. You keep plugging away and blowing your nose every few minutes or you make them light days and people read on their own and you rest. We did a bit of both.


We like to do a fair amount of “handicrafts” around here. Creative life skills are important. And it gives kids the power to make choices with their free time. Reading is always an option for quiet time, but by learning other skills you can decide to read OR crochet. Read, crochet, OR carve. Options. Choices. Hobbies. Life skills. ***

Elias and Espen both picked up the crochet hook again. We have some expert “chainers” around here. The first thing you do when you crochet is chain a bunch of stitches for your project. It’s very easy to do. And thus we have lots of long chains about the house now. Which always seem to come in handy with kids. You never know when you need to tie things together. They also consider them excellent “scarves” for their stuffed animals.


The boys also sewed themselves some new creatures. And then of course the creatures needed blankets, so we made some of those too.

IMG_8108 FullSizeRender (64) IMG_8105 FullSizeRender (63)

I have been surprised at how much I have to mentally prepare for “making” time with the kids. You’d think someone who likes to make would ALWAYS want to make with the children. This is false for me. I have to really gear up to take on a project with them. I don’t know why. It’s just not the same as making on your own. I think it’s getting easier though the older they get. Whew.

I did a bit of big stitching on a quilt while sipping tea. It’s a relaxing way to spend an evening. And the finished quilt has a much different feel than one that is quilted on machine. Both are good. But it’s nice to have OPTIONS. 🙂



***{I am in a book study right now about Charlotte Mason. Charlotte Mason was an educator around the early 1900s. Many homeschoolers use her theory of thought when they teach. She talks a lot about the importance of handicrafts.}