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One of the best things about our new place is that it is right next door to my in-laws. I LOVE being close to family!! This also allows us to have major run around/explore space. And my play place is in the garden!! This year we went a little crazy with all the planting and I am in glory with it. Here’s an update on what’s growing.

The kale is ready to be harvested. We had our first batch of kale chips the other night. I think we will also juice some leaves. Swiss chard and collards are right next door to these, but aren’t even close to harvest yet.

I used lettuce to mark rows for carrots and parsnips. We are going to have crazy amounts of lettuce in the next couple days. That’s alright since it is going to get hot around here soon and then the lettuce will turn bitter anyways. So we will enjoy salads for every meal in the next week!

Green beans are doing well and I can’t wait to grab handfuls for suppers. They always make such an easy veggie side. Cucumbers are coming in the background. They will climb the garden fence…at least that’s what I want them to do.

Here’s our snow pea corner. I planted them in a corner so that they will have a fence to grow up as well. In front of them is the herb section. All the usual suspects: basil, oregano, thyme, sage, tarragon, dill. And some spearmint and lemon balm just for me!

Our sea of tomatoes. They are looking great even though we haven’t had much hot/sunny weather yet. Sometime I’ll show you how we are keeping many of them tame without individual cages. Lots of heirlooms and the standard performers.

The cherries are blushing. 16 trees!! We need to figure out how to keep the birds off of them since we have lost some to them already.

I built the boys a tepee yesterday for poles beans. I made one of these when I was a girl and it did not turn out at all. I’m hopeful I’ve learned a few things since then and this will work! It was an easy project and the boys got a kick out of it. This is their garden area and they are very proud of it.

Hope your gardens are all growing well too! I love seeing all the garden inspiration in blogland!