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Ever since we moved from SD, I have had use of a microwave again. I’ve gone over 5 years without one and have not minded a bit. I really would rather not have one, but now there is one hanging in the kitchen we are using and it is just so darn convenient that I have found myself using it. Often. So this weekend I decided to fully give in and make myself a microwave rice bag to help chase the chills away. I started the project and didn’t like how the design was looking, so I decided to try a fox drawing I had made a couple weeks ago. Love foxes and love how this critter came out!


I drew my fox on freezer paper and then traced the individual parts onto fusible web. Picked out my fabric, and ironed it all on the reddish corduroy.


20130211-101129.jpgAfter I fused everything together, I used the free motion foot on my sewing machine to stitch around the fox.  Embroidered some eyes/nose and then added the flowers.  Oh, and I also free motioned the word “foxy” next to the fox.


I fully understand how things get dirty with little ones now, so I decided to make the bag pillow style so that I can remove the cover to wash it.

The inside is a simple bag of muslin filled with about 3.5 cups of rice.

I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of rice to use, so I went with a long grain, not instant, rice. The first time I microwaved it I heard some little pops from it, but all has been silent since. I think it worked!


This project is a slight nod to the microwave, but we are in no way friends yet.