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Well I had a few “must dos” on the list for this weekend…but I guess thank you notes and custom quilting will just have to happen sometime this week.  oops.  It is not that I have been tired or sitting on my butt, I just have been motivated to do everything else to avoid the “must dos”–naughty girl I am.

I organized the nursery a bit and spent some quality time on the wool rug that will grace it’s floor.  (I am thrilled with how the rug feels under the feet–cushion love!)  Below are some beautiful knits waiting for our winter baby.


I also got a lot of general housework done.  Tony’s shirts are all ironed, the bed has freshly washed sheets (flannel feels so good with temps below 0 these days), some dusting, dishes washed (one sliced thumb on a knife…), even washed the light fixtures!  And all with my constant companion…Dakota.


Pizza was requested tonight, so I tried a different pizza crust.  Deep dish!  You have to allow extra time for rising, but the effort is not that much more than regular crust because it just has to sit by itself and do it’s thing.  Well worth the prep-time.

Oh, and I made some new curtains for our bedroom!  (The previous curtains moved to the nursery.)  Very simple and functional.  I used a heavy chocolate brown fabric that I measured to fit the window, made some hems, and added some hanging tabs on the top.