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Ever since we moved in a few weeks ago, my kitchen counter space has been full of spices waiting to find their home. I finally got it done and love the result! It’s a super easy project and helps free up a lot of valuable cupboard space. Plus, it makes it easy to grab things as you are cooking and baking.

The cupboard is an old bathroom vanity with the mirror removed and a coat of white spray paint. If you wanted to hide the spices you could put some fabric covered cardboard back in the hole, paint a piece of thin wood with chalkboard paint or magnetic paint…you could use cork for a push board…hmmmm, what else??

I’d be really tempted to try one of those ideas, but Tony likes it open so I’m going with that. I picked up some great fabric for the back of it at Crafty Planet this weekend. {Man, that shop is amazing!!} I had no idea I was going to use it for this project, but it fits so perfectly. It has an understated style that doesn’t overpower the space but still says something.

I had Tony screw the cupboard to the wall first and then I attached my fabric to hide the not so pretty screw holes. I measured the back of the four shelves and then cut my fabric to fit. Then I used my corn starch art method to put it in. With my lighter fabric, you can still see the screws a little. Shoot! Not a big deal though since you can’t see them at all when you have spices in it. Just something to think about if you try it. I think darker fabric would hide it, or you could use light colored screws.


And here are my spice jars all set to go. They match! Sooo much better than all the hodge-podge jars, bottles, baggies I had before.

The jars are from Ikea, so they have good style points with not a lot of cost. {They do not come with shaker holes, so if that bothers you, try something else.}

I hemmed and hawed a lot over how to write on the jars. I didn’t want anything permanent in case I switched spices every once in a while. I decided my best option was contact paper. Super easy. Wrote the name on the contact paper, cut it out, and stuck in on the jar. This way, I can remove the label with no sticky residue whenever I want.

This project came together so nicely! I have an organized and pretty spice cupboard that doesn’t use cupboard space, readily accessible, and didn’t cost me a pretty penny.

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