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Tony is a happy man when I have an open schedule!  To bring in the New Year we had a quiet night at home because of Tony’s work schedule.  A  little sparkling juice with supper and then some homemade vanilla pudding with bananas and graham crackers on top.  (who knew pudding doesn’t have to come from a box!  Thanks Betty Crocker–I’ll never go back.) Kristian Regale

This morning when Tony came home from a few errands, he walked into a house filled with the smells of bundt cake.  hmmm…yes.  Oh, and a sink full of clean dishes!  My, my, points for me!  bundt cake

To finish the day out, we had popcorn balls.  I guess we are not doing the typical New Year’s resolution of not eating sweets!  Funny I don’t feel bad about this at all.popcorn

Tomorrow I will be finishing up some curtains for our bedroom and revealing my official New Year resolution.  How wonderful that it is only Saturday tomorrow!  Hope you enjoyed January 1st 2010!