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Did you figure out what my previous post was??  I realized that after I posted it that I really never said what it was.  Ha!  I made button magnets!  I think this is such a cute idea and it is sooooo easy!  Here’s a little tutorial so you can make your own.

Supplies:  fabric scraps, button making kit, magnets, wire cutter, glue gun (you don’t need the actual button maker kit–just the refill buttons.)


Cut a circle from your fabric scraps bigger than your button cover.  (the back of the package of buttons has a template that you can use or you can just eye-ball it.)


Remove the wire loop on the back of the button with your wire cutters.


Fold the edges of the fabric over the back of the button and press the button back into it.


Repeat these steps for all the buttons you want to make.


Grab your magnets and get your glue gun hot.


Put some glue on the back of the button and press your magnet into it.


That’s it!!  So easy, right!  Totally cute on the fridge.

Like I said before, I think a little bag of these would make a darling Christmas gift.   Stocking stuffer or some added fun on top of a present.  How about doing someone’s initial?  ohhhh, that would be cute.


I also made a little bookmark.  Kept the wire loop on the button and glued it to a big paperclip.  Might be even cuter on  a giant paperclip…but that would mean I’d have to go buy one of those…and I’m too lazy at the moment.  🙂