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So, what’s my excuse for not posting in such a long while??  My answer is that it is very difficult to post on projects that are going to be Christmas gifts come next week.  I don’t want to ruin any surprises! 

Christmas gifts have been coming out my ears here in the month of December.  I have not been to the mall once!  (That might have to change this weekend.  I must say I am looking forward to it.) 

Here is a project I finished up earlier this month.  000_2073

This is an Easter kit I bought earlier this fall from Woolen Needle.  It is made out of wool, which is very easy to work with.  One down side to working with wool, is it can get expensive.  One idea to help with this, is to dye your own.  Get yourself some white wool in bulk at a big box store and liquid dye.  Make small batches of different colors following the dye instructions.  Just remember that wool shrinks!  You can also get wool from old sweaters and suit jackets at thrift stores.  You need 100% wool items.  Take them home and wash them in very hot water and then dry them.  This is called felting. 

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday festivities!  Remember to slow down and take it all in.