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000_2321The other night I finished up some more new art for our house.  This was a cheap idea inspired by the TV show ColorSplash.  I bought 3 art canvases and some paint at a big box crafts store.  I think the canvases were about 4 dollars each and the paint is like 67 cents a bottle.  Not bad price wise and you can usually find good coupons online or in their mailers.   I decided to go with very simple cherry blossom branches since they looked easy.  I painted my background with blues, greens, and browns, and then let it dry. 

000_2318To add the branches, I pushed the three 12×12 canvases together, painted the branches so they would have a continuous flow, and then separated them when I hung them on the wall.  The whole project probably took me 20 minutes tops not counting dry time! 

One of the fun things about modern art is anyone can do it!