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I thought this was perfect bunting for a rustic Valentine’s Day or to pull out next Christmas.  Burlap Bunting!  I believe this is stuff used in re-upholstery…  It is super cheap and I think I got mine at Walmart years ago.  It’s been in the stash…you could say I have a pretty good stash…my family dreads moving day because of it…

These are the supplies I needed for it.  Minus the ruler–I used that once and said “good grief” and stopped being so precise.  I also had to throw out that little super glue bottle for the big glue gun.  That did the trick.


I cut out about 17ish of these flags.  Nothing perfect.  No measuring.


Folded the flags in half, threw down some glue gun action, and stuck them to twine.


It took all of like 8 minutes to stick them all on.  Nice thing is, if I need it to be longer someday I can just glue a flag where I join more twine to this string.  No one will know!  Whew, takes the pressure off.  It’s hard to know what length to make things when you don’t have the exact spot for it in mind.


Ahhh, I think this is so sweet.  It creates the perfect atmosphere.  Hang it around your front door….across your headboard…lay it down the center of the table…on the chicken coop…  Since it’s so cheap and fast to make, you could make tons of it for parties or weddings.  Superly-duperly cute!


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