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I took the boys to the library today and was a total BOOK GLUTTON! ┬áSo picture me trying to wrangle two boys the entire time. I finally get Espen in the stroller that does not steer properly. I have an armful of books in one arm. A big armful. And a paper grocery bag hanging on the stroller handle full of more books. A paper bag is a stupid book bag. But when that’s all you have in the car… Suddenly the handles of the paper bag break. I groan inwardly, squat down to pick them up, hope my butt crack doesn’t show cuz my jeans are riding low, {I know I’m not the only one!!! Admit it.} and try to manipulate the dang stroller with my forearms. Elias hits the handicap door to let us out and only the one side opens. The side that my stroller is not lined up to exit through. I attempt to turn the stroller while holding on to more books than I should have borrowed. A lady suddenly appears and offers to help me carry my books. I hang my head in shame but take her up on it. shame shame shame. I confess to her that I am a book glutton. Half way to the car she asks if some of these books are for me. shame shame shame. I confess that almost all of them are. She laughs and asks how I find time to read so many. shame shame shame. And that is why I am a book glutton my dear lady.

But it is spring! And how can I resist gardening and homesteading books when I have newly acquired land!? These are a couple from the Homemade Living series by Ashley English. She has a blog here. I am excited about these!

I am also looking forward to this book by Jenna Woginrich. She has another great blog here. {I read her first book “Made From Scratch.” A good read!}

So there’s my guilty stack of wonderful books. After the kids are in bed, I will be snuggled up taking notes. Or let’s be honest…supper might be waffles because I will spend the afternoon reading and all household duties will be forgotten.

The 3 baskets full of this will just have to wait. I have more important things to do.