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This weekend has been most relaxing.  I have been indoors much of the last two days due to bone chilling temperatures and snow.  My husband is a TV weatherman, and I asked him earlier in the week if we could do something on Sunday afternoon, he looked at me as if I’d lost my mind and said in exasperation, “Ingrid, I have a blizzard this weekend.”  Well, silly me–I should have known. 

My project for these snowy days has been a knitted teddy bear.  I’m not a huge knitter, but I do get the urge every once in a while.  I added some little bean bags to give the guy some weight.  You can see in the picture I made little sacks out of muslin and filled it will these little plastic balls. 

000_2101I then stuffed the bear with these and fluffy stuffing. 

I can’t say this project went off without a hitch…The body came out the same size as the head, the first time around.  I was going to be ok with it, and just call it a unique bear, but Tony said it was hideous.  I then risked my life in the inclement weather to drive down to the knitting shop to pick up more yarn.  000_2110 

He came out pretty cute.  Into the hope chest he will go for a little person to drag around someday. 

This pattern is out of Debbie Bliss’s book Simply Baby.