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I love Sundays!!!  They are my day of rest and rejuvenation!  I allow myself to do whatever I would like, since many times it is my only day of the week off.  This frustrates my poor husband terribly, since there is usually much housework to be done, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  So today I played.  Here are a couple things to show for it.


This was a simple project that I think has old charm and sentimental value.  I took an old picture of Tony’s grandma Max and cut out part of the cover of one of her old books.  I used an exacto knife and then used a little glue to put the picture in place.  Her formal name, and her age and weight are listed on the inside cover.  I might add an old fashioned tag to the outside of the cover that lists some details about her, but for now this is what I did.





I created this with some wool I had in my stash.  Half of the wool I bought at thrift stores (men’s wool suit jackets and wool blankets), and the other bits of wool I bought at quilting shops.  The inspiration for this was the robin’s nest right outside out kitchen window this spring that hatched three successful eggs.  The birds really pop on the gray and brown background and I’m excited to put some texture on the next with brown yarn and to frame it all out with a homemade picture frame.  I’m not exactly sure where it will hang yet, but with all the new paint colors in our house I am sure it will find a good wall. 


Have a wonderful week!