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Tony and I have been kicking around ideas for some time now on different ways we could share my LOVE for the creative handmade life.  I am so thrilled that we finally came up with one that we are diving into!  The last five years have been a little spotty for me in blogland as I’ve been distracted birthing 3 children, cleaning diapers, wiping snot, snuggling, feeding mouths, laughing, and making expected and unexpected trips to the doctor/grocery store/Target/grocery store/grocery store/Target…  You get it.  All mothers parents get it.  So, this is like a new beginning, a fresh adventure, a creative outlet. I find that more than ever, I am almost constantly making.  Sometimes it is simply meals; during the summer it is a lot of digging in the gardening and preserving the harvest; almost always there is a project on the sewing machine. Since we have found roots in our current home and are sending them down deep with the hope of staying as long as possible, we are jumping into farm animals and sustainability.  It is all stuff I want to share with you!  I want to send you videos, patterns, small ideas that you can spin into something BIG, big ideas that we can make doable, things you can print to bring joy to your mornings, recipes the whole family will cheer about.  Becoming Handmade is our way of sharing the maker’s lifestyle!  I am soooo excited about this new venture!  We will be starting on May 1st, and it will go for 6 months.  Please, please, please come over to The Handmade Girl and check it out!

CLICK HERE for Becoming Handmade! 

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