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One of my greatest desires for my family right now is to one day have land that they can run and explore on.  I would love to have a huge garden, lots of trees, and lake access.  Is that too much to ask?!?  For now we are a city family and I just have to deal with that.  Last week I wanted to have a little camping experience for Elias, so we put the tent up in the backyard.  He loved it!


We hung out in the tent and watched Tony working in the garden–he’s a good man.

Elias ran around the yard with the dog.  That dog sure makes him laugh with so little effort on her part.  (Elias did find a pile of dog poo that I had missed, and loaded it perfectly onto his shovel with his hands…which promptly ended our outdoor time!)



We ate, snuggled, and rested in the tent.  Elias still can’t get enough of Espen.

We loved the cool breeze that whispered of fall.  Looking forward to the new season!