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I thought I’d share some of my favorite things from the last few days of being a mommy of two.  If you know of a new or soon to be new mama, my bet is she’d appreciate these as well!

I have fallen in love with aden+anais products.  I bought some swaddle blankets at a local shop, but have seen them at Target as well.  Word on the street is the ones at Target are a bit cheaper in price and thus smaller and have less thread count than the boutique shops.  Not sure on that one.


I use them while I nurse and for swaddling…so pretty much constantly.  They are also light weight enough that I can see throwing them over a car seat or stroller as sun protection when we go out.


Still love my Norwex baby cloths that I talked about in this post.  Every mama should have some!


My favorite onesies for this stage is the snap on the side ones.  You don’t have to go over the head!  I stocked up when Elias came, and Espen is getting great use out of them again.  Not many choices, but you can find a few packs at Target.


Something I won’t picture, but have been living in for the past 18 months are my sleeping bras.  They make night sleeping and nursing much more comfy.  Motherhood Maternity is where I picked mine up.


Healthy, sleeping babies are one of my favorite things as well.  They make the whole 2 children thing manageable.  The boppy and nuk are also good things!


And my all time favorite thing at the moment…or rather 3 favorite things…