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Oh boy.  Where do I start?  Ummmm…so I’m on an adventure.  Life has changed and this little family is moving back home!  Back to the woods and lakes of MN.  It is such a bittersweet time.  I have made such beautiful friends here in South Dakota that I will miss dearly.  We have Tony’s grandparents here in Sioux Falls that we will miss seeing so regularly.  The city of Sioux Falls is a wonderful place–the best park system, fabulous shopping, and that small town feel.  Great Faces, Great Places.  So good-bye to our sweet first home–the place that welcomed two little babies in.  Memories that will last forever for us.  Bittersweet.  And yet, so excited to be joining more family back home in the Twin Cities area.  oh yes!!  Places to camp, fish…favorite quilt shops much too close for my own good…old friends, new friends to make…yes, yes VERY exciting!  Plus a new home to find where we will make many more memories.  So my last few weeks have been crazy busy packing boxes and getting our house on the market.  Searching for the new perfect spot to call home.  An adventure.  Good thing I like adventures.  And good thing my God is a great God who holds our future perfectly.  That’s peace.

[A couple shots of the place we’ve called home the last 5 years]