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A friend recently contacted me about swapping some cloth diapers for a few handmade items.  She had cloth diapers that she wasn’t using and wanted to pass along and so instead of paying for them, she asked that I make something for her.  How wonderful is that?!  It was a fabulous idea!  She sent me the diapers a few weeks ago and I finally got my projects in the mail to her.  She asked for either the Noodlehead Clutch or Anna Maria Horner’s Quick Change Trousers for her daughter, June.  (What a sweet name!)  I couldn’t just make one since both are so fun to make and she was generous with the diapers!  So she gets both!  (Terrible pics in this post…it’s called being in a hurry.  Bad excuse.)

First up–the trousers.  I really liked this quirky print.


These fabrics seemed girly, without being over the top, and also reminded me of the mama.  I will say that upon looking at the final product, I probably should have used fabrics with a little higher contrast.  It’s amazing how fabrics look so different once you chop them up.

And the reverse option.


The Noodlehead Clutch.  Again, I used fabrics I thought the mama would like–I hope she does!