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I had these “Pop Garden & bijoux” squares  by Heather Bailey sitting around and yesterday I had an idea for them.  I decided to do a sort of “stack and wack” method with them to turn them into a scrappy lap quilt.  My squares were pre-cut at 12 1/2″.

My quilt will be 5×6 blocks, so I separated my squares into 5 piles of 6.  I then took each pile and cut them randomly.

Taking each pile, I took the top fabric off one of the pieces and put it on the bottom of the pile.  Then I took the top 2 fabrics from another piece and moved them to the bottom.  The goal being that each of the pieces would be a different fabric so that the square is scrappy.  Sewed them together.

One thing I thought of after I cut the blocks but before I sewed them back together was the number of seam allowances.  My blocks would not come out perfectly square because I varied how many times I cut the block.  You can see what I mean below.

On the left side of the above block there are not any seams, whereas on the right side there is.  Thus the right side is a 1/2″ shorter than the left.

Same with this block.  The right side on this block is an entire inch shorter.

Not a big deal though.  It just means that I will have to trim my 30 blocks to the size of the smallest block.  So I believe that my 12 1/2″ squares that I started with will end up being cut down to 11″ squares.  Not bad.  Putzy, but not terrible.  I’ll show you the finished top when I’m done!

PS–I love using fabric in my stash…it feels so good!