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Here’s a little lesson on how to make a zippered pouch.  Grab yourself 2 squares of lining, 2 squares of your outer fabric and a zipper.  Cut your fabric all the same size.  For example I had a 10″ zipper and I cut all my fabric squares 7″x10″

(Side note on the zipper:  My mom gave me some of her 100% wool sweaters that she no longer needed.  I felted the sweaters and made these mittens and then I saved the zippers for a future project.  Well, one of those zippers came in handy for this pouch.  I love being green!)

Lay one piece of your lining right side up.  Put your zipper on top of it right side up.  Then place your outer fabric on top of that right side down.  If you have a directional outer fabric place it with the top of the fabric at the top of your “sandwich.”  Pin the top edge and sew across as close to the zipper as you can.  Zipper foot if you have it!  Take a look at the pictures below to help you.

When you open up what you just sewed above, you see this.

Repeat on the other edge of the zipper.  Lining side up+zipper edge+outer fabric side down.

When you are done sewing that side, you see this view when you lay it out.

Now, put your outer fabrics together and your lining fabrics together.  (Make sure you have your zipper about half way open.  This is important when you turn your pouch right side out!)  Pin layers together.  If you would like to put a little ribbon in the side for a handle or wristlet, do that now.  Place it between the two outer pieces of fabric with the loop tucked inside.  Sew around the edges leaving a 2″ opening in the bottom of the lining side.  Be careful when you sew over your zipper spots.  We don’t want any broken needles!

Pull out your pouch through the hole you left in the lining side.

Hand stitch or machine stitch the hole in the lining closed.

Push the lining into the pouch and you are done!  Ta-da!  Pretty easy, huh?!  Think of all the fun things you can make now with zippers!

I’m off to the Black Hills for the weekend.  See you all on Monday for Movie Monday!!