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Last week Elias, Espen, and I headed to the farmers market here in Hudson.  I LOVED it!  I am all about purchasing locally grown/small business food so this was totally my kind of thing.  Ever since we got married 8 years ago, Tony and I have tried to go to farmer’s markets as much as possible.  When we lived in Sioux Falls there was a fabulous one, but we felt like it was a bit expensive for us.  Thus it was so much fun to be able to fill my basket up with beautiful produce at a price I was happy to pay.  

It was so fun to have Elias help out in a hands on way by having him hand the cash to the sellers and then putting our purchases in the basket.  He got a total kick out of it and it was a good way to teach about helping.

I also purchased some local honey which I was anxious to get since I am a firm believer in it helping out with allergies in our new surroundings.  How many spoonfuls can one little boy have???  As many as you are willing to give him!

The natural food store was a block away, so we hit that up too.  Milk and eggs + a chat with a friend.  Good times.