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Today I made a toy for a little one.  I’m so at that stage in my life of babies, babies, babies.  Hopefully you don’t mind too much.  I wanted to make something with that crackly stuff in it.  I asked around and everyone said that the only crackly material they had ever heard of was using old bags.  I decided on cereal bags since they seemed especially crackly and heavier.  I flatted the bags out and gave them a quick wash.

Grabbed this material from my stash.

Cut out 2 matching squares and 1 crackly square.

Layered the fabric squares right sides together, with a crackly square on top and sewed all around leaving a 2″ opening for turning.  Trimmed my corners before turning as well.

Sewed all around the outside near the edge for a finished look.  Plus this eliminated having to hand stitch my opening closed.

Used a grommet kit, only like $2.99, and followed the instructions on the package.

Yee-haw!  I like it.  Easy peasy.

Elias approves!

There were 6 different little characters, so I made a set of 6 and threw them on some ribbon.  Then I put them on a silver ring to see which one I liked better.  I like the ring, but think I will go back to the ribbon so I don’t worry about new teeth chomping on the ring.