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This weekend the parks in South Dakota encouraged people to get out by waiving park fees and fishing license requirements.  000_2528Tony and I were sure to take advantage by heading off to Newton Hills State Park.  We had such a wonderful afternoon and it almost felt like we were back in MN/WI.  It is amazing how much you miss the scenery you grew up in–there were actual woods that we were able to explore today!  000_2527


Flowers were in bloom all over the forest floor.  I brought my wildflower ID book along and made biological observations for Tony. 






We also did a little bass fishing.  We saw them, but they were totally not interested in what we had to offer.  Tony, my personal weatherman and fishing guide, told me it was due to the cold front that moved through the night before.  ahhh…I see…  



I must admit my choice of bass lure has to be the scum frog.  It moves on the top of the water so I can see it at all times and it is weedless. 


Ticks were out in full force–I’m sure Tony and I picked 20+ off of us.