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Because I have been doing a lot of lazy-boy sitting lately, I have been craving a knitting project.  I headed out to a local shop called Athena Fibers on Saturday afternoon with a few ideas in mind.  I picked up a couple beautiful balls of baby yarn, a needle gauge so I can actually tell what size some of the old needles I inherited are, and a row counter so I don’t have to use pencil and paper anymore to make hatch marks.  The pattern I picked is called “Pixie Hat” by Debbie Bliss.  I am proud to say I completed the gauge, a rather tedious first step to a pattern to make sure your sizing is going to come out like the pattern, and only had a few false starts.  Let me just say I enjoy knitting, but I don’t think it is the easiest hobby–working with 4 needles at once!!!  Here’s to hoping this little hat is well used and loved by the coming little one! 000_2706