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000_2546This is a quilt I just finished up on Sunday.  The fabric is Aviary by Joel Dewberry.  It’s an older line, but I wasn’t able to track down any of the fabric until recently.  I made up the pattern using a plain block alternating with what I call a “chaser” block.  You can tell how I quilted it by looking at the close up.  Tony really liked the look–thought it was very modern looking.

One of my favorite parts of the whole quilting proce000_2547ss is pulling out the finished quilt from the dryer.  I wait to wash my fabric when I am completely done with a quilt, because it shrinks up so beautifully giving it a very cozy/aged look.  (WARNING:  This is only a good idea if you buy quality fabric!!!!)


Here is quilt number 2 from Sunday.  I showed this quilt to you before but now it is complete.  It’s very different–my thinking with the pattern is to show how you can make a quilt very simple and show off some of the wonderful large scale prints.  This fabric is from Heather Bailey.  I added a ruffle for a touch of whimsy.  Tony is not sure how he feels about the ruffle…


I have discovered that I am a production quilter instead of a process quilter.  I quilt for the finished product, not so much for the process of doing it.  I love the beginning and the end–picking out fabric and pulling the quilt out of the dryer!