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A lot has happened in the last few days!

Spring has come to stay in my part of the country, so Sunday I was overzealous and worked all day in the yard.  Ummm, yes, I could hardly walk the next day.  But boy did it feel good!  I hope to have some dandy garden spots this summer.

My brother and sister-in-law delivered twins on Monday.  Tony and I rushed up to the cities to introduce ourselves to the new little lives.  The new family members are both under 3 pounds, so it was a pretty one sided 000_2510meeting, but a joy all the same.

A huge roll of batting arrived on my doorstep Tuesday.  The sewing machine has a lot of quilting to do in the days to come.

Tonight, I have some computer work to do, so I popped myself a big bowl of popcorn to keep me company.  (Tony better get home from city 000_2514softball soon, or there won’t be any left.)

I woke up to the birds singing this morning…hope you are enjoying the music at your home as well!