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I received a gift card to a book store for Christmas and I have been pondering what to get with it.  I actually went to spend it once and could not make up my mind, so I just left empty handed.  I’ve had several near purchases, but every time I would tell Tony what I was thinking of getting, he would persuade me otherwise.  ahhhh!!!  (side note:  never ask your husband to be your accountability partner.)  I also did not want to get a book that I could borrow from the library.  So today I thought I’d take another stab at trying to make the big purchase.  Over an hour later,  a phone call to grandma to check the library online, and the decision wa000_2218s made!  I scurried home to check the Amazon reviews of it.  Ta-da!  Nearly five stars–yes! 

Made from Scratch” is about a 26 year old girl that moves to a hobby farm and records the daily adventures.  Gardens, chickens, fresh bread–I love it!  I once told Tony when we were talking marriage, that I could be an old spinster on a farm.  (Glad I got married, but it would have been a good alternative.  At least for a few years…and in good weather…)



Heading out of town for a few days.  Going to a shower for my cousin’s baby–Ava Rae.  I made her a brown/pink/cream baby quilt, and a onsie.  Hope she and parents like it!