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So, not sure what took me so long, but I figured out a great meal combo for roasts.  Tony and I use venison roasts but that is because we are too cheap to buy beef.  Really, it is a lot cheaper for us because Tony “harvests” a deer once a year and he butchers it for us.  I am the lovely lady that hauls hunks of meat up to the kitchen to be wrapped and frozen.  What a pioneer woman!  Also, venison is a lot leaner meat so probably healthier for you too.  Ah I digress…back to my meal plan.  So Saturday morning I threw a roast into the slow cooker, looked for the lipton onion soup mix, found none, and walked away from my frozen hunk of meat.  Tony walked in and found my sad roast and doctored it up something fierce!  Thank you Tony!  (See, I knew if I just walked away it would fix itself.)  So we had a fabulous roast that night for supper…here’s the great part of the plan.  The next day I threw all the leftover roast, along with the carrots, onions, and potatoes, into some beef broth and called it vegetable soup!  Very good and so easy!  Two meals in one!

Tony and I have also discovered roasting marshmallows over the stove top and making smores.  Probably not the greatest habit, but it sure is good.  (Chopsticks make wonderful marshmallow skewers if you’d like to try it.)