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Another knitting project done!  I finished the rather ugly old-school sweater about a week ago, but I have been waiting to have my lovely husband take a picture of me in it.  (To prove to you that it actually fits!)  We took the picture this morning…he was being a bit of a lazy camera man…and then, as only a husband can say, informed me that there was no way I would want the picture on the internet.  Supposedly my hair was crazy and I did not look blog worthy.  So you get the sweater on a hanger.  I’m so glad it is done!!!  7 years in the making.  In all, it turned out pretty good.  I probably should have done a couple more rows on the neck, but I was so scared it was going to turn into a mock turtle type neck that I made it a little short.  Tony also informed me that the neck is somewhat square.  I said I liked square necks.  🙂



This morning I was also naughty and took a trip to the library before Elias got up.  Just what I need.  More reading.  My brother would make fun of me for my reading material choices, but I know what I like.  Christian historical fiction.  I’m a sucker for it.

And JUST finished, are my first ever knitted socks.  I love them!  I keep telling Tony he is jealous, he just hasn’t realized it yet.  (He’s currently scrambling to update our March Madness brackets because I have declared that I am whooping him.  HA!  I really think I might be.)