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The saying of the day–“open up your little box of sunshine!”  mmm…what’s in yours?  Think about it a minute and then all through the day just imagine yourself opening up that something that only you know the contents of.  No rules, just pure, simple, goodness. 


So my fabulousa husband (I’m sorry to be gushy, but he just is…most of the time…) made me potato chips tonight.  And then for dessert I treated us to warm brownies and ice cream.  I’m telling you, liking to cook is not good for the skinny jeans.  Wait, I don’t think I even own skinny jeans anymore.  Wishful thinking.  I guess if I’m going to eat like a pig, I better keep running.  Here’s my running partner and her favorite new spot in the house.

(I think it is funny how people go on and on about their dogs, and probably the majority of people really don’t care, but you just feel like they should so you keep talking.  Probably similar to when you have kids…)