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This weekend I had a wonderful time creating.  I made this very simple fall table runner in a jiffy to get my quilting fix in…the rug continues to grow…and the baby vest I started just needs a few wooden buttons to finish it up.

blog 001I’m thinking this will be a gift for someone.  It uses what quilters call a Charm Pack, which is simply a pack of pre-cut squares from an entire line of fabric.  If you are new to quilting it is a great beginner project.

blog 002

Tony decided to put up the crib on Saturday morning.  It is fun to have it up and begin dreaming about the look of the room.  I think it will be rather eclectic with lots of homemade touches.  The rug will soon have another color change.  It feels fab on the feet!!

blog 003

Saturday morning I also ran to the knitting shop quick.  (Seems like I always need exactly what I don’t have when it comes to knitting!)  I started this darling baby vest, and like I said yesterday, could not stop.  I need to pick up some wooden buttons for the side and shoulder and then it will be complete.  Easy pattern for this self taught knitter and I am so grateful for the fact that you don’t have to put it over babies head to get it on.  You can find the free pattern here.