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Tony and I are leaving to go visit my parents tomorrow morning at 5 am.  I am so excited!  My parents live on a beautiful lake in MN and Dakota, my yellow lab, is going to have a blast!  Not to mention she has my parents yellow lab to romp around with as well.  I plan on enjoying the outdoors, reading, some handwork, visiting quilt shops, and shopping with the girls.  Oh, and I’m sure the hubby will talk me into doing a little bass fishing with him.  Yay!!!  A real vacation!

So today was nuts simply because it’s the day before you leave and you feel like everything must be in order before you depart.  I finished up a bag for the quilt shop…pictured.  I also quilted two baby quilts for a friend in WI.    Ah yes–I did some dishes, made blueberry muffins for the car ride, packed, did some frantic housecleaning as I thought the dog had fleas, caught up on emails, mailed patterns… 

I’m ready for vacation!  I’ll be checking in on Friday a totally refreshed woman!