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This weekend my father-in-law came to visit us and we put him to work doing some home improvement projects.  What a good guy!  Tony “forced” me to my sewing room so that I would not be in the direct fumes of the paint.  What a terrible time I had…mandatory quilting and not being allowed 000_2917to paint…such a drag!!

I worked on a quilt I probably started about 5 years ago.  With the cooler weather, I have been thinking that we need a good cozy flannel quilt, so I’m using up my woven/flannel stash and getting this one done.  Just kind of a make it up as you go pattern.  (I know there will be some log cabin blocks in it somewhere!)

000_2921I also made some new curtains for our freshly painted living room.  The 50’s era vertical blinds just had to go.  New curtains=simple, functional and inexpensive.

This afternoon, Tony took me out for a little pheasant hunting.  It was good exercise for this pregnant girl.  It was fun to see Dakota in 000_2916action.  She got up some birds for us, but none made it home to the skillet.