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Tony and I knocked out some killer projects this weekend! So thrilled about them that I had trouble sleeping Saturday night. {My life must be pretty soft if that’s what keeps me up at night!} More about those projects later. Today I want to show you something I did that goes along with one of them.

Bottom line–I needed a place to hang something on the wall. I didn’t want it to be permanent. I wasn’t sure what that something on the wall was going to be. Here’s the a-ha moment. Extra Command Strips from 3M!! You know how they give you extra in the box of hooks? I hardly ever use them because once I hang something it doesn’t come down. I grabbed a tin can and tried it out. This little can, is one to hold chalk for the boys. It needed to be low to the ground and movable.

My father-in-law gave me some of these 3M strips that are kind of like velcro. I can’t tell you much more than that since I don’t have the packaging, but you attach one strip to the wall and the other to your object.

You can then remove the object whenever you want. Sweet!

The boys are in business.

Here’s my can. It sits higher on the wall so the boys can’t get in to it and it doesn’t need to come on and off. However, I still didn’t want to damage the wall if I decide to remove it.

I have not tested this theory, but I think I should be able to pull on the tab and remove it cleanly. I left just enough room to grab the tab on the bottom.  Now I know I am not the first to try this, but I still think it is a pretty nifty idea. Just think of what you could do!!

I’ll show you what all this chalk is for tomorrow. I’m sure you have no idea. 🙂