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So as I’m winding down for the week, and looking forward to my Sunday, I found a fabulous new website that I like.  It is actually a shop called Purlsoho, in New York City, that specializes in knitting and quilting.  The main website is but the site I just found is off of the main one and is  Very fun and inspirational!  I must say that as fall begins to blow it’s cooler weather our way, I am craving a little knitting project.  I must place some of the blame for this on a shop here in Sioux Falls, SD called Larsen Designs.  They had these gorgeous knitted baby clothes that looked so yummy and handcrafted.  hmmm…I know it would be a lot of effort for a little person that would spit up and grow out of it rather quickly, but…  So I’ll keep you posted on if knitting starts to eat up my time.  Just what I need–another something to do!!!!!!!!!