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I think I read one too many historical fiction books in my life, because I am a romantic right down to my toes.  One of my idealistic dreams is to live on a farm where daily life with my family is nothing short of beautiful perfection.  The project I made last night just slides right into this simple life.  This is a hot water bottle cover.  I have wanted a hot water bottle for a while, but never remembered to look for one until yesterday when the hubby was home sick.  Only $5!  We don’t have a microwave, so having an instant little heater is big.  I can just imagine my little kids toting it off to their beds someday. 

(For those of you who don’t know what a hot water bottle is:  it is a rubber bag that you put hot water into and it provides heat.  In the “good old days,” people would tuck them in their beds for a little added warmth.) 

P.S.  I’m learning that a lot of sewing is simply cutting out the shape you are looking for.  Check out this book for some fun ideas–Sew Pretty Homestyle.