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Last weekend was a full one!  We said good-bye to our dear little house and the state of South Dakota.  Not to mention all the wonderful friends we had made over the last 5 years.    oh, boo!  I can’t think about it much yet.

We have temporarily moved back to Hudson WI.  This is the town that both Tony and I grew up in and it is so much fun to be back…sort of weird…but exciting to rediscover favorite spots.

We also celebrated Espen’s first birthday on Sunday!

We got a quick shot by Espen’s birthday banner and then this happened.

ahhh, poor guy.

Anyways, we are settling in nicely.  Here is my temporary kitchen.  It is wonderful!  And it really makes you realize how little you actually need to get by.

And our eating area.  I can cook, serve supper, and do a load of laundry all in the same room!  Ta-da!  Super-mom!  🙂

So, all in all, we are settling in nicely for the short term.