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I haven’t knitted Tony anything in the past, so this last Christmas I decided to change that.  I found him a pattern called “Turn A Square” by Jared Flood.  (It’s FREE!)  I think I bought different yarn for this hat 4 times!  Could not make up my mind!!  So wanted to have the perfect hat for the man in my life.   I think if I did it again, I would probably only do a few strips near the ribbing and then do the rest solid gray.   But, I will for sure use this pattern again!   Mr. Flood had a great tip about changing colors of yarn on circular needles!!  Check it out if you are a knitter.

Elias found the hat the other night and tried it on.  It makes the perfect slouch hat for his little head!  I hope he always wants to wear handknits!!  (A mama can hope…)


I also made Tony these awesome mittens!  Again, a Jared Flood pattern.  Strago.  I rarely buy a pattern, but these I could not resist!  For less than $6, I totally thought it was worth it.  I think the Scandinavian vibe sold me completely.


I ran out of the dark gray yarn just at the tip of one thumb.  I seriously only needed like 2 yards more, so I didn’t want to buy another ball of yarn.  I decided to take some of the lighter gray yarn and dye it.  It almost worked.  I should have let it sit in the dye longer, but it always looks so much darker until you rinse and dry it.  So one thumb is a little different, but that is the great thing about handmade!

I had many a secret knitting nights before Christmas, so Tony knew that something was up, but I know he really appreciated the extra effort.  Yeah, he knows he’s special.  I like him.